Dog Training


Professional Dog Training for Good Manners and Obedience

Dog Training enhances the quality of life for both you and your pet. The professional dog trainers here at Jill's Pet Resort  use positive motivation with rewards. They are committed to helping you train your dog to be a great companion.

Dog holding their paw to a person's hand.

Training services & pricing


Evaluation - free


Board and train:

2-week - $2100

3-week - $3000


Daycare and Train/Day Board and Train:

Individual day - $95

5day package - $450

10day package - $850


Our trainer - Jack


I grew up with dogs and wanted to be one when I grew up! Once I stubbornly accepted that wasn't a possibility, I decided I would settle for working with them! I began my career as a Military Working Dog Handler in the United States Air Force. Since then, I've explored the canine industry and discovered my passion for training family/pet dogs. I've been doing that for the past couple years and am loving every minute of it! I like to spend my personal time exploring with my personal dogs, Chloe and Shylow, and working out.


I am a certified professional pet dog trainer through Tarheel Canine in Sanford, NC. I specialize in obedience and family/canine behavior & integration.


My favorite part about working with animals is being able to actually see the impact that our work has on the fulfillment our canines experience. We teach owners and dogs a language that they can use to communicate with each other. That's priceless. Working with animals, specifically as a dog trainer, isn't just fulfilling, but also extremely fun and mentally satisfying- Dog training is full of problem solving, and I happen to LOVE problem solving!