Dog Park


The Park at Jill's Pet Resort

The Park at Jill's Pet Resort is a state-of-the-art park where dogs can play and socialize together in a safe, fun, interactive environment.  Knowing that each dog is vaccinated and Spayed/Neutered gives everyone peace of mind. The park offers an off-leash play area for dogs and a park-like setting for people.

Dog Park Amenities

●       6 acres of play area

●       Walking trail

●       Agility equipment, fun and games, and sun shades

●       Water features, fountains, and an in-ground pool

●       Small dog areas

●       Air-conditioned sitting area

●       Benches

●       Bathrooms

●       Park hours: sunrise to sunset every day


How to Join

To visit or join The Park at Jill's Pet Resort, stop by during our open office hours. Please bring all required veterinarian information or simply have your pet's veterinarian fax it directly to our office at (252) 364-4638. Once you become a member you will receive a membership packet and key access.

Dogs must come in and pass a temperament test to join The park.


Bordetella, Rabies and Distemper (DHPP) vaccinations are required. Must have a negative fecal test within the last year. Dogs 6 months and over must be spayed/neutered.


Dog Park Memberships

Park memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable. 30 days notice is required for cancellation.

●       Annual membership: $480 ($100 per additional dog)

●       Monthly membership: $50 ($12 per additional dog)

●       Day pass: $25