Dog Grooming


Luxury Dog Grooming in New Bern, NC

Our exceptional groomers will give your pet a haircut that you’ll both love. Go traditional with a standard cut for your breed or let their personality shine with a custom cut. Grooming is available Monday-Friday by appointment only. Prices are based on breed, size, and coat condition. Call us today for a price quote or to book your next appointment.


Dog Grooming Services

Each full grooming session includes

●       Deluxe bath

●       Nail clip and grind

●       Ear cleaning

●       Hand drying

●       Hair cut

●       Brush out

●       Add extra flair with pet-safe hair color, hair feathers, nail color, and more

●       Medicated shampoos, de-shedding treatments, hot oil treatments, and teeth brushing available for dogs with special care needs